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Color Benz PrintSolution is the company based in Surat. We are one of the well-known and trustable companies where we provide rich services to schools and parents. We deal with Smart Attendance System which helps the school to keep the track record of the students. We also provide printing and photography facility which helps in printing I-Card and group photograph of class or individual passport size photos. We provide hassle services to parents where parents can get the updates regarding the progress of the child in their busy schedules.

Through Smart Attendance System we help in capturing the required information and communicate the same to parents. The total method is totally automatic and this package provides ton of flexibility to try and do regardless of the faculty desires right from student admissions to attending and performance analysis.

We have brought an entire answer for each and every communication connected issues to face by faculty, oldsters and kids in their day to day life. Smart Attendance is an entire high – end processed web based and complete outsourcing system during which adds various technology like VSAT, Ratio Frequency, GPS, GPRS and Satellite Technology. The speciality that we provide is that it is operated from any part of the globe. Smart Attendance System is designed in such a way that it cannot be affected by any virus and even it cannot be hacked.

meet the people behind
Jayesh Vaghela

"Our vision is to provide accurate data of progress of students and attendance to school with optimum utilization of time and manpower and also want to keep parents to be updated."

Manish Saparia
Technical Head

"Our mission is to reduce the work of school by providing the Cloud Based Solution which gives accurate results."

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